A little bit about our company:


TMM – Motion & Magnetic Technologies, was established in Feb. 2001, by Kami Ben-Shem Feldschuh and Hezi Koren, with combined motion and magnetic experience of 35 years!
We specialize in miniature Servo motion combinations and super magnets, especially for high/difficult conditions.

We work with manufacturers such as:

Small Servo motors:

SPG Korea, Canon Japan, NAMIKI Japan, BPMC HK

Miniature Gearmotors:

Marswell China and IMS Europe Germany

Stepping motors – Hybrid  - and drivers:

EC-Motion from Germany (Made in Japan), Leadshine Technology from China

Planetary gearboxes:

IMS Germany and Gysin Switzerland


scancon Denmark and FRABA Germany

Resolvers and Slip rings:

LTN Germany

Magnetic Brake:

Kendrion Binder Germany 



Synchronous and stepping motors:

Fiber Italy


Magna Japan, Goudsmit  Netherlands, China Rare Earth, LIHE, Ningebo Southwest and FELLER from CHINA

Magnetic shielding:

Amuneal USA

As you can learn from our name and the companies we work with, most of our business is with motion and magnets applications. We are experts in providing custom assembly and combinations between motor – gearboxes – enc oder – resolver – Brake and other motion sensors.

Our services include:

   - Design, development, production of magnetic couplings for airborne cooling pumps.
   - Research, development and supply of miniature permanent magnet (PM) brushless DC (PMBLDC) gear motors for low temperature applications.
   - Design, development and supply of miniature, compact mono-axis motor-tacho combinations.


Contact Us:

T.M.M Ltd., P.O.Box 8289, Ramat-Gan 52181, Israel

Phone: (++972) 3 6722003, Fax: (++972) 3 6722077, Email: tmm1@bezeqint.net

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רחוב הרצל 75 בפסאז', רמת גן. טלפון: 03-6722003 , פקס: 03-6722077

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